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七下英语家规范文pep 七年级下册英语写家规

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As the saying goes,”as a country has its state laws, a family also needs family rules.” Every family has its rules. My family rule is no matter where you go, you have to come back before ten oclock at night. My family always obeys this rule. I know that my parents make this rule is for our safty. I remember that one day my elder sister break this rule, and then she was criticized for a long time.



There are many rules in my house. I have to get up at six oclock and be home at 6:30pm.I have to finish my homework after school.I cant watch TV and play computer games on school nights. I have to stay at home on school nights . Also,I have to do some housework.

My parents dont allow me to stay up until 11:00 pm because they think teenagers may let their friend talk them into doing bad things . I think the most strict rule is that my parents do not allow me to watch TV at night ,although it is good for me ,I think it is a good way to have a rest . Though I dont agree with some ruls, I know my parents love me so I always obey my family rules.





1、Hello, Mary。Welcome to our class. Here are our class rules. You must read it carefully. As a middle school student we cant arrive late for class on weekdays. We must wear clean clothes every day. We must stand up when a teacher goes into the classroom. When you have nay questions

in class, please put up your hands. We have to eat and drink in the dining room We have to clean our classroom every day. Dont leave school if you are not allowed(允许) . I wish you can obey (遵守)these rules. Thanks !

2、I am Sally . Every day I am very busy. I have too many rules in my house. I have to get up at six oclock every morning. I must have my breakfast at 7:00 oclock . I cant meet my friends after school because I have to walk my dog.(.溜狗) I cant watch TV on school nights. And I have to be in bed by 10:00 oclock. On weekends, I have to make my bed and clean my room. Then I have to wash the dishes. Later I have to go to the Childrens Palace to learn the guitar. I love music. But I cant listen to music at home .I never have any fun. My life is so boring. What can I do ?


My Family Rules

My parents are very strict with me, and they have made some basicrules which I must obey. Firstly, I must finish my homework in time.

Secondly, I cannot play computer games, even in my free time or onweekends. Thirdly, I have to do some houseworks, such as making the bed,tidying my bedroom, and so on. If I break one of them, 1 will be punished.

But thanks to these rules, I can live a healthy and regular life.

I think the second rule is unfair to me. I hope sometimes I could beallowed to play computer games for a while, it will make me relaxed.







have a happy family. There are three people in my family. I am the only child. Both of my parents are doctors. They are patient and work hard. I am a middle school student. I like playing chess. I am good at English and maths. I like listening to music but I prefer reading books. My parents like watching sports. They love me very much.。

英语作文:介绍家规校规的作文(要有翻译,水平初一下册就行) 爱问

In order to help me grow healthily, my parents make some family rules.First, we must honest to others.为了使我健康成长,我父母制定了一些家规。

首先,我们必须诚实相待。诚实是一个人最基本的性格There are many rules in our school.Firstly, we must wear our school uniform, and we are not aloud to have our lunch at home in the afternoon我们的学校有很多校规。



There are many rules in my family. And most of them are about me. For example, on weekdays I have to get up early in the morning; I cant watch TV or go out on school nights; I have to go home quickly after school.

There are too many! I feel my parents are too strict with me. And sometimes its too unfair. Why are there so many rules for me but so few for my parents?

So, my dear parents, please understand me! I know both of you want me to study hard, but Im only a child. I need more happpy time to grow up healthily although Ill work hard,too.


My family Rules

A country its laws and a family has its rules. My family also has some rules.

For example ,there are important rules in my house . First of all, I have to be home by 10:00 pm. I think there is the danger of going home late and this rule is really true. Next , Im not allowed to watch tv on school nights. In my opinoin, I need time to relaxing things instead of studying on school nights. Maybe my parents are strict with me in this way. Finally,the biggest problem is that I cant join club. My parents think that only bad for my studying. They dont know Im intersted in running ,playing baskteball and writing.

There is good say "Nothing can be accomplished without norms or stand ards,"but though I should study hard .Of course,Im old enough to make my own decision.


1. Dont argue! 不准吵架

2. Dont play computer for a long time!不准玩电脑时间过长

或者Dont play computer over 3 hours!不准玩电脑超过3小时

3. Please watch tv after finish your work(study)!完成工作(学习)后才能看电视

4. Dont leave about junk!不要乱扔垃圾

5. Dont go to bed to late! 不能睡得太晚

6. No smoking in the house. 在家不准吸烟

7. Watching TV is not allowed during the mealtime. 吃饭时间不要看电视

8. Everyone cant tell lies at any time for any reason. 任何时间、任何理由,大家都不准说谎

9. Have a family conference at least once a week. 至少每个星期开一次家庭会议

10. Keep posted for each other. 保持联系,不许无故消失


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