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雅思口语喜剧演员范文 英语作文 喜剧演员卓别林

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1.求雅思口语的人物话题 关于崇拜的明星的范文

Funny-ish story from my days as a tax preparer。

英语作文 喜剧演员卓别林

I was working on this young man's return and he called his GF ocver to my desk to get her phone # or something. We chatted a few minutes, then he asked me in disbelief, "Don't you know who she is?" I replied,"your girlfriend?" She chuckled and her boyfriend said "She plays in the WBA - Shes (name I don't remember) on (Team I don't remember)! You really Don't Know who she IS????" She was a local girls makes good type of person. I had to laugh at this point because I don;t' follow sports. My boss had to ask her husband (a huge basketball fan) who the girl was and he also was incredulous that neither one of us knew who she was. The basketball star was really nice and I liked her, but I am clueless when it comes to "famous folk". (Although I Did meet Shari Lewis back in '75. She was very nice and gave my friend and me her autograph because my friend asked for it. Met Leonard Nimoy once at my college. He was pretty mellow, too) Most of the celebs and other famous people I have met, I had to be told who they were, but I always treated them just like they were anyone else (even politicians I met). They chuckled at my cluelessness and treated me nicely. Like a PP said - celebs are just people and I think many of them find it refreshing when someone isn't falling all over them and treats them like the nice neighbor next door. (Of course there are wome attention wh*res, but they got the same treatment from me> You cant tell the attention seekers apart from the truly famous by how they treat the people around them and the people they meet. OMG! If you don't recognize an AW immediately and fall down fawning over them, they are so indignant! LOL. They wish) It depends on which celebrities we're idolizing.Like me, I idolize Hayley Williams and Jared Leto for their good songs and nice voices. I'm actually a bit obsessed。But other than that, I don't "idolize" that many of them. I mean, some of them are anorexic, some of them are in rehab, some of them are whores, and the rest are just hated by the world.By the way, I don't think Miley Cyrus is honestly a "celebrity". She has to be in Hollywood for quite a while and actually be good at what she does. And she can't do anything. Don't idolize her.General "Hollywood Celebrities" are usless to America. What a waste. Hollywood is total Bull$#!%. They get paid MILLIonSSSSS of dollars for what? Pleaseeeee。

People like Paris Hilton are just trash. Most celebrities give the wrong image to kids (mostly young girls probably though), such as, anorexia, bulemia, etc. And other issues like, drugs..alcohol..*cough* LINDSEY LOHAN *cough* hahaha. People like 50 Cent are also useless to our society. Also, Mick Vick is a HORRIBLE influence. He murdered dozens of innocent dogs.. what a sick man. And to think he gets paid MILLIONS of dollars。Atleast he was banned from the NFL for a couple years, and hopefully he never comes back. However there are some Celebrities that are indeed good rolemodels, like you said, Miley. Celebrities that are good rolemodels have my full support!! =]。

2.英语作文 喜剧演员卓别林

Charlie Chaplin was bron in a poor family in 1889. He learnt singing and dancing when he was a little boy. He was the best welcome little actor of Britain when he was ten.

Then Chaplin made the film. People have provided more applause of The Tramp which Chaplin acted. And he received Oscar Special Awards in 1972. After that, he lived in Switzerland and died on Christmas Day 1977.

Charlie Chaplin's comedies have been the classic films of the whole comedy, and his moustaches, huge pants or tail coats made every people can't forget him.


Off the top of my head,I want to say something about the cute little girl in POVOS's shaver advertisement I saw on the TV the other day.The 20-sec advertisement begins with a very pretty-looking and lovely baby sitting there,and being kissed by both of her parents.Then she is pulling her hair and complaining in a cute voice:“All the men are the same,and they never take account of women's opinions.I am always hurt by dad's remaining beard.How terrible!”Then,there is a voice-over:“You won't have remaining beard if you use POVOS's shaver.” The clip ends with the POVOS's slogan:“It is about time to solve the problem of remaining beard.” as well as its big visual on the screen.The little baby in the ad is about one year old.Short curly hair,big black eyes and sweet smile make her look adorable.I like this kid because she is so impressive that she makes this short advertisement stand out quickly among so many dazzling commercials.Her facial expression as well as her posture well present the idea this clip aims to produce.I have to admit the fact that this ad is very successful because of the little baby.So cute!。


Albert - Brooks was born in California, his mother had been a singer and actor, his father was a radio comedian. Albert - Brooks himself had been a film and television actor, voice actor, writer, comedian and director. In 1987, when Albert - Brooks with "Broadcast News" (Broadcast News) to get an Oscar nomination. Albert - Brooks's debut as an comedian, once a year at the University of Pittsburgh, but dropped out a year just to concentrate on reading when comedian. After dropping out of school, he was very successful in a number of talk show has its own fixed link performance. As a comedian, he was undoubtedly the greatest achievement of the six episodes directed by "Saturday Night Live" (Saturday Night Live). In 1976, he starred in his first mainstream film, just this film is Martin - Scorsese (Martin Scorsese) milestone "Taxi Driver" (Taxi Driver). In 1979, Albert - Brooks film "Real Life" (Real Life) at the same time to win an Oscar and the Nobel Prize. Albert - Brooks recent works include "desperate driving" (Drive) in the gangster, he plays the role of media praise, and he also got a Best Supporting Actress nomination.。

5.求雅思口语范文 关于一个崇拜的明星

人物: 崇拜的偶像 Bill Gates There are so many people in the world, about 8-9 billion. But the ones that really matter are few. Bill Gates is one of the most important people in the 20th and 21st century. I admire him so very much. Bill Gates was the former CEO and president of the world's largest software company, Microsoft. He was also the world's richest person in the past. He is currently running his charity foundation to help millions of people in need. He founded Microsoft and developed the company to the biggest in its industry. He and his company changed the way computers work greatly. 80% of computer users nowadays use windows. And our world would be very different without Bill Gates and his company. He's well known for his wealth, for his business skills and also for his technological genius. I admire him so much because his achievement is sky-high. Yet, he still has time now for his family, so he's successful both in the company and at home. And being a very rich person, he's very responsible for the community, he and one of his friends, Warren Buffet are giving back to the society through charity. And this moves me. That's why I like him. (204 words)你可以到 n词酷 网站看看,上面有很多好文章呢。

6.急求雅思口语part2 范文

W: Hello, this is garden hotel , can i help you ?G: Hello, I want to book a room with my husband .W :Could I have your name please?G:Mrs AnyW:How many nights will you be staying?G:Tonight and tomorrow night, 2nightsW:What kind of room would you like?G:Double room and non-smokingW:How many people would that be for?G:Just my husband and IW:What time will you be arriving?G:At 5mp letterW:How will you be paying?G:By cashW:That's ok ,we have booked a room for you .G:ThanksW:You are welcome ,beyG:bey。

7.急~需要有人帮我写篇雅思口语的范文 Describe your ideal job 感激不尽

I am a college student now and the ideal job for me is a teacher.

For starters (pat推荐的开篇小词) ,I was told that being a teacher is one of the most worthy thing a person can be(teenage drama queen 里面的台词).Teachers fill young minds with knowledge, but more importantly, give those minds a compass so that knowledge doesn't go to waste(也是一个电影里面的台词,忘了电影名了,能搜到).

Also, I'm crazy about kids. I'm pretty sure I will enjoy the time being with adorable children. I've pictured that moment in my dream many times.

As for the place I can be a teacher, I think schools would probably be the best. You know, most children study at schools. I will meet all kinds of lovely children there and it must be nice.(微笑一下,表情作高兴状)

I don't care how many hours I will be working every day. Being a teacher would give me a better appreciation of life. You know, life is not always about how much you can get or how much you have spent, the true genius of life is about pursuing what you like. In contrast, I don't think I would be delighted when I'm not what I wanna be, I don't wanna be a businessman or a lawyer or something, even if I could be well-paid.

Anyway, it's no exaggeration to say that teaching is the ideal job that I want to do later in my life.






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