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Growing urban population and declining rural population From the graph, we can see that the urban population was growing and the rural population was declining from 1990 to 2010。


The number of the urban population rose from 300 million in 1990 to about 460 million in 2000, and to about 685 million in 2010, while the rural population decreased from about 820 million in 1990 to 800 million in 2000 and to about 690 million in 2010。 Its obvious that in the past two decades, the urban area witnessed a steady growth, but in the latter decade, the rural population had a remarkable decline。

There are two reasons for this phenomenon。 On one hand, the economic boom led to the regular improvement of peoples living standard, and further resulted in a steady growing urban population。

On the other hand, from 2000, the countryside urbanization oriented by the government gave rise to a conspicuously declining rural population。 In conclusion, based on the above analysis, the urban population will be growing, while the rural population will continue to drop in the future。

点评:本次考研英语二大作文是图表作文,这也是历年大作文的典型题目之一。针对图表作文,我们一般采用三段式来谋篇布局, 第一段概述图表的信息,指出变化的趋势和不同,第二段分析造成这一趋势以及变化不同的原因,第三段则根据以上分析展望未来的变化。









I had an interesting and busy life。

I usually got up at eight oclock。 Then I liked to lie in bed for a while and drink coffee。

After about half an hour, I got up and went swimming。 At about ten oclock, I came back inside and took a shower。

I played and took a shower。 I played computer games with my friends。

From eleven oclock to twelve oclock, I learned about English、Math and Chinese 。 At half past twelve, I ate lunch。

For lunch, I liked hamburgers, salad, apples, ice cream and Cola。 It was delicious。

Fromoneo twooclockp。 m。








Iatedessert:potatochips(薯片),icecream(冰淇淋),chocolate(巧克力)andcoffee(咖啡)!Oh,theywereveryrich!Intheevening,IlikedwatchingTVforatalkshow and I reading a book about politics。 At about ten oclock, I had a shower, and about eleven oclock p。

m。, my parents and I went to bed。

I was very busy and tired but very interesting and kind of exciting! 参考网页 。



根据历年的命题规律,本书合理分配文章所占体裁和题材的比例。英语二作文A节多考察书信,但不排除考查其他体裁的可能性; B节多为图表作文,也不排除其他形式。





第一片 Is a Training Class or Family Teacher Necessary? More and more middle school students are going to all kinds of training classes or having family teachers at the weekend。

There are two different viewpoints about it。 On the one hand, some think that studying following the family teachers is better than self study。

It can not only strengthen what youve learnt at school, but help you learn more useful things as well。 On the other hand, some people who have the different opinion consider it a waste of time and money, for many training classes and family teachers are just working for money, you can not learn something really useful there, and thus lose the time of relaxing yourselves。

In my opinion, as students, we should really know whether we need a training class or family teacher。 First, make sure that you need them, and they would be helpful, then choose a reasonable one。

Just remember, once you start and never give up。


A Picnic It was a sunny Saturday。

We decided to to East Hill to have a picnic。 In the morning, we went by bike。

After about an hour we arrivied the foot of East Hill。 It was quite a colorful world。

we could see green trees, orange leaves,red peach blossoms and hear the birds singing。 We had a short rest and then climbed up the hill。

At noon, we reached the place, we sat by the river bank and took out a lot of things, such as bread, orange juice, apples, cakes, eggs and so on。 After lunch we clean up the garbage and ready to return。

What an unforgettable picnic it was!。




Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.


Traveling alone is the only way to travel. If you take someone with you, you take your home with you. When you travel alone, you meet new people, have new experiences, and learn more about yourself.

When I traveled with my friend, I spend all my time with that friend. We eat together and sightsee together. When I travel alone, I spend my time looking for new friends. It is easy to fine other people, either other tourists or locals, to eat with or have a coffee with. When you share meals with strangers, they become friends.

When I travel with a friend, my routine is predictable. We maintain the same schedule that we do at home. When I travel alone, I adopt the rhythm of the place I visit. I might take a nap in the afternoon and eat dinner at 11 pm. I might go to a disco and dance all night.

When I travel with a friend, we know how we will react to things. When I travel alone, each new experience requires a new reaction. If I dont try new things, I wont be able to decide if I like something or not. Shall I ride an ostrich or eat one?

I think it is always important to do things on your own. You can fine new friends, collect new memories, and adopt different ways of doing things. Isnt that the point of travel?


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