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My name is 。. I am a student of Grade eight . I am an outgoing , lovely girl with long and black hair. and I am so welcomed by my friends and my classmates.

I have a best friend, xiao hai. She is very interesting and lovely too. She often tells funny stories and always make me laugh. We often play together. I like action movies. I think they are exciting and interesting. I often go to the movies with my friends on weekends.



She is 24 years old, and she has a 3-year-old son. So she is a mother. A sharp mother. She has a piercing in her tongue and two tattoos, one on her stomach (an Indian man's face) and one on her back (it is non-figurative). I like them very much. If you meet her, look at her face; it is so sweet. She has a birthmark on the tip of her nose.

要采纳哦~~ hh


A seven day long holiday has flown away. Mourning my happy hours during the vacation, I've been looking forward to winter holidays. People around me seemed to have enjoyed the vacation, too. Then, is it fair that people have the same amount of holidays regardless of their occupations? Nevertheless, divergent views emerge on the matter in question. Some people are of the opinion that laborers should have the same length of holiday. They hold the view that people are born equal and should be treated equally. The same amount of leisure time may eliminate the unfairness among people who might be upset psychologically if otherwise. At first sight, it may seem to be an attractive idea, but it doesn't bear much analysis. To begin with, people do different kinds of jobs featuring different labor intensity and so the time needed to refresh their physical condition varies. For example, blue collar workers may work longer hours before they get tired physically, while white collar workers such as doctors and teachers are more mentally stressed. Unable to work continuously as long as those physical labor workers, white collars need more time to pull through the mental weariness than physical tiredness. All in all, people in different jobs assume different responsibilities and have different degrees of pressure. Secondly, different tasks and duties are required for different professions, resulting in the variety of holiday periods for people in different walks of life. Some employees cannot have their legal holidays and even have to work overtime, such as policemen, construction workers and people in the service line.Those professions just can't be interrupted for a mornent;other wise the society will be in a mess. Even for some people in the same occupation, they cannot have the same holidays entitled to them due to many factors out of human control, such as special assignments, and health conditions etc, then not to say people in different fields. Suppose we, as teachers do, all have three months' holiday in a year. Then factories have to employ considerably more workers because some of them are enjoying happy holiday.That's obviously against the principles of doing business at lower cost and efficiency. If we have only three days off in a year, then all the people in our country will be working day after day. No one can squeeze time to visit those tourist resorts leisurely. It goes without saying that the tourist trade and catering industry thus cannot develop rapidly and healthily. 有什么问题 请随时提问 有问 必答 这篇作文希望对你 有帮助 没有的 话 我在去英语作文大全里面帮您找找看 一定会有你喜欢的作文 哈 不过希望 找和自己水平差不多的 你找的太好了 老师以为你英文很好了 到考试 时候 就没那么理 想了 所以建议 不要和自己水平差太多的。


He is of an increase of 100%; previous purple round face, has changed for Hui Huang, and the addition of the deep wrinkles; eyes like his father, swelling in the red all around, I know that, in the seaside species To the people, the sea breeze blowing all day, probably is the case. He is the head Zhanmao a break, only a very thin on the cotton, the body Sesuo; hands Tizhe Yi-Zhibao and a long breathing tube, it is my hands do not remember the red-circle is Hands, but Youcu You stupid and cracking, such as the Songshu Pi. This to the world 100 days before the baby, long a Pan Huhu small brains. Those Xixishushu hair, Xianggang unearthed seedlings, as yellow, but as vibrant. That cute little face, like Shutou apples, sweet Youhong You can Taorenxihuan! One of the Xiaozui happy to, tongue slightly rolled up, like singing, like the recollection of the mother sweet Naizhi. Because too fat, chin almost into two. Smile on the face of the eye muscles Jicheng two Wanwan curve, like crystal bright moon. Two in front of the eyes Ceshi, greed and watch this beautiful world. Shuzhe ear upward, as if to listen to the voices around wonderful. A bridge of the nose like the small bell like embedded in the center, a three-dimensional type, is so striking. This little baby how lively, how cute, she is simply a small angel. Qi keep her ears with short hair, head always Yizuoyiyou to Qiazhe two hairpin, the Long hair closely behind the ear, showing a smooth Bai Jing faces. Her little eyes, careful long, but very look good, smile turned into a two joints. Nose slightly Shangqiao, a Qiaopi gives the impression that it is extremely cute. She usually is the most like to wear the dress of a white Landi, Qunbai You Kuanyou large. Her running, dress like a flower, like butterflies fly up. That little sluggish even before the eyes, under the Nongmei to turn to turn, just as two of mice, it's dark Jianzui drilled holes, erected ears, moving the beard to see if hidden cat Or naughty children, suspicion and Xiuzhe air. " He tall; Qingbaikou face, the wrinkles between the folder from time to time some injuries; Luanpeng Peng's Huabai a beard. Although the wearing of Changshan, but Youzang You break, it seems not fill more than 10 years, has not wash. "。


外貌 Physical Appearance 对人物外表描写。

同时,肖像的描写并不是一次性的,注意人物经过时间的推移、环境的变迁,或与人接触后,其外貌可能发生的转变。例文1Robert is 21 years old. He is about 5 feet ,9 inches tall . His face is long and narrow . His eyes are green. His hair is light brown. He doesn't look very Italian. He smiles a little and usually has a friendly look on his face . He isn't fat and he isn't thin. His build is average.译文罗伯特21岁了,他身高大约5.9英尺,脸瘦瘦长长的,绿眼睛。


他不胖也不瘦,中等身材。注释1 当我们描写一个人的体型的时候,我们也可以分为以下两个部分:(1) 体格(build):fat 肥胖的; thin 瘦的; slim 苗条的; overweight 超重; slight 瘦小的; well-built身材魁梧。

A. She is a slim girl, while her boyfriend is well-built.她很苗条,她的男朋友很魁梧。B. She is a little overweight, so she decided to lose weight.她有一点超重,所以她打算减肥。

(2) 身高(height)medium height 中等身材; average height 一般身材; below average 低于平均身高; tall 高的; short 矮的; tallish 有些高的; middle-sized 身高中等的; of medium height 中等身材; 1.78 meters 身高1.78米.A. He used to be middle-sized, but when he is getting old , he is becomeing short.他原本是中等身材,但随着年龄的增长,她变矮了。注释2 在描写面部容貌的时候,可以从脸型、头发、五官入手。

1. 脸型(face):round 圆的; thin 瘦的; long 长的; square 方的。A. She eats too much these days , so her face is getting round .她最近吃得太多了,所以她的脸变圆了。

2. 头发(hair):(1) 发型(hair style): straight 直的; curly 卷发的; pigtails 辫子; crew cut 平头; bald秃头的。A. Her hair is brown and curly.她有着一头棕色而卷曲的头发。

(2) 发色(hair color):jet-black 乌黑的; fair 金色的; blonde 淡黄色的; golden 金黄色的; dyed 染色的; brunette 浅黑色的; mousey 灰褐色的; chestnut 栗色的.A. She is a beautiful girl with fair hair.她是一个金发美女。3. 五官:(1) 眼睛(eye):deep-set 深陷的; sunken 凹陷的; bulging/protruding 凸出的; eyelashes 睫毛; eyebrows 眉毛.A. His eyes are deep-set because he has worked till midnight for a long time.他的眼睛深陷,因为他这段时间经常工作到深夜。

B. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.她有一双我从未见过的漂亮蓝眼睛。(2) 鼻子(nose):long 长的; straight 挺直的; big 大的; small 小的; flat 扁平的; hooked 钩状的.A. He was born a hooked nose.他天生是鹰钩鼻。

B. His nose is very big, so he doesn't like it.他的鼻子很大,所以他不喜欢它。(3) 嘴部(mouth):tooth 牙齿; even 整齐的; uneven 不整齐的; chin下巴。

A. When he laughs, we see his even teeth.当他笑的时候,我们看见他有一口整齐的牙齿。B. She has a double chin.她有双下巴。

注释3 一个人的服饰也是外貌的重要组成部分,所以对服饰的描写也很重要。服饰(dress):smart 潇洒的; scruffy 邋遢的; well-dressed 衣着华丽的; casual 随便的; conservative 不显眼的; elegant 优雅的; fashionable 时髦的; suave 文雅的; untidy 不整洁的.A. He looks casual just wearing a tweed suit.他穿了一件花格子衬衫,看上去很随便。

注释4. 另外,人的神情也能体现一个人的形象。笑容(smile):bright 欢快的; broad 无所顾忌的; charming 可爱的; cunning 狡猾的; faint 不明显的; happy 高兴的; pleasant令人愉快的; sad 伤心的; sweet 甜蜜的; pleased 满意的; grinning 露齿而笑的; smirking 傻笑的; friendly 友好的; warm 温暖的,热情的; cold 不热情的.A. Because of his high scores, he smiles brightly.因为他得了高分,所以笑得很灿烂。

B. A friendly smile will help you to win others heart.友好的笑容能帮助你赢得别人的心。C. She is charming when she smiles.她笑起来的时候很可爱。

注释5. 常见的系动词有:appear, be, become, feel, get, go, grow, look, prove, remain, seem, sound, taste, turn, etc.在实际的写作过程中,根据自己的需要选择合适的动词,会令文章更为生动。如:A. The advertisement sounds interesting.这个广告听起来很有趣。

B. Human rights are a major concern in today's world.人权是当今世界关注的主要问题。C. The result of the experiment is very encouraging.实验的结果令人满意。

D. My idea is that we should follow our original plan.我的意思是我们应当按照原来的计划。


My mother My mother family name li,she is 30 y ears old,but she looks very young.She is tall ang thin. She has big eyes and small mouth, and she has a long cuely black hair.she is very kind and friendly . she li kes reading books and collecting stamp s .This is my mother,a smart and besutif ul mother.。


Wallace – the Evil Genius

There was no doubt that Wallace was a gifted child, nevertheless, he used all his gifts for wrong ends. Like Satan in Paradise Lost by John Milton, he believed:

“To do ought good never will be our task,

But ever to do ill our sole delight,”

His appearance, his fake scholarship, his intentions, or his fondness for tools — all pointed to one thing that he was a negative personality; he took delight in destruction and not in construction.

Fourteen years old Wallace was not a loveable child. He was somewhat shorter than he should have been and a good deal stouter. Wallace's face was round, owlish, and dirty, with big, dark eyes. His hair was black, which hardly ever got cut, and arranged on his head. Wallace lived in a rich family, and was sent to a good school to accept better education. He had been outfitted with attractive and fairly expensive clothes, but he changed them from one suit to another only when his parents came to call on him and ordered him to get out of what he had on.


Wilber Pan is a young star comes from China. He was born in 1980.8.6. He is a lovely boy who has 174cm tall and 69kg weight . As you can see ,he has short balck hair,erogenous mouth ,handsome face and small eyes.Alough his eyes aren't bigly ,he also has many fans because of his sunshine smell.He is a boy just like a neighborly to you. He is more a mastermind than a singer.He has a height degree that graduated from California Polytechnic State University ,he is good at singing ,dancing ,presiding and so on. In private ,Willber is friendly to everyone who aroungs him.Now more and more people from everywhere develop theirs' love for him. 中文翻译 潘玮柏 是一个来自中国的年轻明星. 他出生于1980年8月6日.他是一个拥有174cm身高69kg重的可爱男孩.正如你所看到的 ,他有一头黑黑的短头发, 性感的嘴唇,英俊的脸庞,和小小的眼睛.尽管他的眼睛不大,他依然拥有众多的"粉丝",因为他有着阳光的笑容.对你来说, 他就橡个邻家男孩. 与其说他是个歌手不如说他是的才子.他有份高学历,毕业于加州州立理大学 ,他擅长于唱歌,跳舞,主持等等. 在私下,玮柏对他上身边的每个人都很友好.现在 ,越来越多的人们渐渐喜欢上他了.。


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